12 October 2009


Memandangkan terdapat ramai rakan ham yang seringkali melakukan kesilapan dalam QSO, maka sepatutnya kita kongsikan ilmu untuk pemahaman dan keselesaan bersama.

Sebutan Maksud / Merujuk kepada / Disebut

Lima Lima
Land Line atau Line Location
(Talian Tetap Permis, Contoh bermula dengan 03 xxxxxxxx, 04 xxxxxxxx dan sebagainya)

Loceng Terbang
atau lebih baik dipanggil Handphone. Contoh bermula dengan 012 xxxxxxx, 013 xxxxxxx dan sebagainya)

Cheerio ( Bahasa Latin) Selamat Tinggal / Bye Bye

Jalopy (American) Kenderaan bukan disebut Canopy

Fundamental - Tempat kelahiran / ibubapa

Harmonic- Anak-anak

XYL - Isteri

SIGN OFF - bukannya disebut Time OFF -bermaksud Keluar dari frekuensi @ jalur

Salt Mine - bukannya Dot My - untuk bermaksud Tempat kerja

Rubber Duckie -Antenna Handie (Flexible Whipe Antenna)

73 - Seven Three / Tujuh Tiga - bukan disebut "Tujuh Puluh Tiga"

Eyeball / QSO / Round Table
Pertemuan secara bersemuka/ QSO bersemuka

Nama Tempat

Gunakan sebutan biasa untuk tempat dan tidak perlu menggunakan sebutan Phonetics.
Contoh 1: sebutan Kuala Lumpur / KL terus sebut Kuala Lumpur / KL tak perlu sebut Kilo Lima atau Kilo Tango untuk nama tempat Kuala Terengganu.

Penggunaan istilah 'Portable' / 'Base' / 'Mobile'

Perlu dipastikan bahawa istilah 'Base' dinyatakan bilamana kita memancar di alamat yang tertera pada AA sama ada menggunakan 'Rig Handy ' atau 'Mobile Rig'.
Istilah 'Portable' boleh digunakan bilamana kita memancar di luar dari alamat pada AA. Jika kita bermobile dan menggunakan 'Rig Handy' sekalipun - disebut juga sebagai 'Mobile' dan apakala kita berhenti dalam masa yang lama - disebut sebagai 'Portable'.
(Rujuk Guideline For Amateur Radio In Malaysia - MCMC)

QSY - disebut bilamana untuk berubah @ bertukar Frekuensi dan berbeza dengan
QRD - disebut bilamana menuju ke suatu lokasi / tempat
QRX- berhenti memancar (TX) buat seketika dalam jangka waktu / masa yang dinyatakan, sama ada QRX 2 minit atau jangka masa selebihnya.
QRT -berhenti memancar (TX dan RX) dan mungkin switch off radio.
PTT - Press To Talk (Tekan Untuk Bercakap)

Dipetik dari : http://putrappkn.blogspot.com/

Australian hams prepare for disasters

With the weather bringing disasters to many parts of the Asia/Oceania Regions, we should reflect on the importance of our hobby in a greater scheme.

Going by news reports, there is severe flooding in southern India and the Phillipines, earth quake damage in Sumatra and tsunami devestation in Samoa and Tonga with such immense human costs.

According to Jim Linton, VK3PC, on the WIA web site, local radio amateurs are definitely involved in support roles in Indonesia and the Phillipines.

It is to meet the demands of such crises that the Global Amateur Radio Emergency Conferences have been convened. These annual meetings have drawn on the previous S.E. Asian tsunami and the Chinese earthquakes and the outcomes are being reviewed through at least two United Nations Agencies.

The Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) has a committee developing a basic training course for emergency communications which will provide a consistent level of skills to those completing the course satisfactorily.

What this means is that as all grades of licence in Australia have access to HF frequencies and even with poor sun spot numbers, some of the countries affected by natural disaster are closer to northern VK-land than our major cities are to each other, we radio amateurs can assist in message handling and support.

The reality is that our hobby is international in reach.
Can we touch another, in time of need?

Geoff Emery VK4ZPP

Source: http://www.southgatearc.org/

11 October 2009

Ham radio supports disasters

Date : 01 / 10 / 2009
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

A severe tropical storm in The Phillipines and earthquakes in Indonesia have seen radio amateurs providing emergency communications and other relief and recovery assistance.

Philippines Amateur Radio Association (PARA) President, Dr Joey Panganiban DU1BP (pictured right) reports that a tropical storm named "Ondoy" hit the Philippines five days ago creating a tragic calamity with hams swinging into action to help. Joey DU1BP said, "We have mobilized our amateur radio clubs for the relief operations. The frequencies of 7.045 MHz have been used for general announcements while 2-metres FM is for our community operations."

The disaster has affected more than two million people and the death toll is officially at least 1,100. Joey DU1BP said, "All amateur and civic radio clubs are now on operation in Metro Manila under the guidance of the National Telecommunications Commission and PARA." He said the PARA Secretariat has been designated to receive donations and soliciting donations both in kind and cash for the victims. Joe DU1BP said, "What the evacuees need is food that are ready to eat (those without much preparation) such as canned goods, noodles, rice, bread, coffee, milk, sugar, salt and water." "They also need medical attention and medications needed for cough, colds, fever, diarrhea and vitamins. These items will be repacked and given direct to the recipients, using community officials as contact points."

Meantime a powerful earthquake rocked western Indonesia on Wednesday, trapping thousands under collapsed buildings and triggering landslides. At least 75 people were killed on Sumatra island after the 7.6 on the Richter scale earthquake strike. In a brief message just hours after that disaster from the Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia (ORARI), received by IARU Region 3 Disaster Communications Committee Chairman, Jim Linton VK3PC, it has been confirmed that hams are involved there too. Wisnu Widjaja W1SNU/YB0AZ reports "We are active on the field now to support the emergency Communications in West & South Sumatera, Indonesia. Now, we are using 2-meters and 40-meter band."

More information can be expected in coming days. However no reports so far of amateur radio emergency communications in the Pacific as a tsunami hit Samoa leaving trail of death and destruction.

Source: http://www.wia.org.au/

10 October 2009


Tahniah dan ucapan syabas kepada bakal pemegang lesen Radio Amateur Class A ( 9M ) yang telah berjaya ujian CW pada 7.10.2009 tempoh hari ;


Sumber: 9M2MGL

08 October 2009

Amateur Radio on Malaysian TV

Malaysia Television RTM 1 has broadcast a 9 minute documentary about Amateur Radio which can now be seen on YouTube

Although the video is unfortunately not in English it still provides a good insight into Amateur Radio in Malaysia.

Watch the video

Malaysian Amateur Radio Transmitters' Society (MARTS)

Guidlines for Amateur Radio in Malaysia

RTM Malaysia


07 October 2009

Heboh SMS ribut kuat landa Malaysia

KUALA LUMPUR - Jabatan Meteorologi semalam menafikan mesej khidmat pesanan ringkas (SMS) yang tersebar luas menyatakan satu ribut kuat akan melanda Malaysia malam tadi ekoran ramalan cuaca mengenai Taufan Parma akan melanda Filipina lewat malam tadi.

Pegawai bertugas Jabatan Meteorologi ketika dihubungi berkata, SMS itu yang mendakwa taufan berkelajuan 222 km/j akan melanda adalah satu khabar angin dan menasihati orang ramai supaya tidak panik.

SMS itu turut meminta orang ramai mengambil langkah berjaga-jaga dan tidak berada di jalanan.

Taufan Parma melanda Luzon pada Sabtu mengakibat tanah runtuh dan banjir serta mengorbankan 16 orang. Taufan, yang kini dikategorikan ribut tropika dengan kelajuan 55 knot, kini bertiup di perairan barat Luzon.

Katanya, ribut tropika itu diramalkan bergerak ke arah barat menghala pulau Hainan dalam beberapa hari ini.

"Kelajuan ribut tropika Parma ini akan membentuk gelombang kuat di Laut China Selatan tetapi tiada petunjuk ia akan melanda negara ini," katanya.

Jabatan Meteorologi semalam mengeluarkan amaran kategori pertama mengenai angin kuat dan laut bergelora dengan angin barat daya berkelajuan 40-50 km/j dan ombak setinggi 3.5 meter di perairan Phuket dan Samui di Thailand, Perlis, Kedah, Pulau Pinang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Reef North, Layang-layang, Labuan dan Sabah yang akan berterusan sehingga Jumaat. - Bernama

06 October 2009

West Sumatra Earthquake

It is understood that a number of Amateur Radio stations are assisting in the aftermath of the earthquake in West Sumatra.

YB5ZA is located in the Governor's office of West Sumatra province, and supports the disaster management command post. They are operating on 7.0650 MHz, 145.500 MHz and VHF repeater RX 146.260 / TX 146.860 MHz.

YB5ZDD is on the air using 7.065 MHz SSB from the Minangkabau international airport, Padang city, West Sumatra.

Bambang Sambadi YB1TY has established an iQSO gateway via iqso.orari.net.



Source: http://www.southgatearc.org/news/october2009/


Uiview32 imaging taken a few minutes ago over ASIA.. Pls note:
a) Hurricane MELOR coming towards Taiwan and Japan remarks: 115G-140Kts
b) Hurricane PARMA over northern Philipines towards Macau remarks: 55G - 70kts

siap apa yg patut..
73 de PD..

04 October 2009

Radio club takes part in emergency drill


DANVILLE Local radio operators will participate for the first time in an emergency test situation this weekend.

Members of the Vermilion County Amateur Radio Association will take part today in the annual Simulated Emergency Test put together by the American Radio Relay League, the national association for amateur radio.

The local radio association will be set up at their headquarters on Woodbury Hill Road, the Vermilion County Emergency Management Agency along Georgetown Road and at Provena United Samari-tans Medical Center.

The test is an annual exercise in emergency communications. The local amateur radio group will use emergency power at each location and provide communications for the event for agencies such as EMA and the American Red Cross, as well as the hospital.

The scenario this year centers on a large earthquake at 7 a.m. today near Murphysborough in southern Illinois. The event gives communicators the opportunity to focus on the emergency-communications capability in the community.

Source: http://www.commercial-news.com/

03 October 2009

R3 EmComm Info Requested

Info terakhir di

18.RAPI: mobilisasi tenaga bantuan sudah dikerahkan untuk membantu penanganan
korban dengan peralatan 2 meteran.
19.ORARI: Sejak tadi malam sudah dikerahkan tenaga bantuan dari Pekanbaru, namun
terhenti di Bukittinggi karena jalan terbelah. Sejak siang tadi banyak
bekerja-sama dengan GlobalRescue dan Departemen Kesehatan.

Sumber: 9M2SQL, 9W2RZL n anacoz85


EchoLink ® software allows licensed Amateur Radio stations to communicate with one another over the Internet, using voice-over-IP (VoIP) technology. The program allows worldwide connections to be made between stations, or from computer to station, greatly enhancing Amateur Radio’s communications capabilities. There are more than 200,000 validated users worldwide — in 162 of the world’s 193 nations — with about 4,000 online at any given time.

Software Echolink membenarkan stesen radio amatur yang berlesen untuk berhubung dengan stesen lain melalui internet, menggunakan teknologi voice-over-IP (VOIP). Perhubungan jenis ini membolehkan perhubungan antara stesen atau dari komputer kepada stesen yang lain. Lebih 200,000 penguna sah seluruh dunia - dalam 162 daripada 193 negara di dunia - dengan lebih 4,000 stesen setiap masa.

Untuk lebih info layari dan download software di

Amateur ham radio users to contact orbiting space station

KUALA LUMPUR: Fancy chatting with someone in the International Space Station orbiting the earth? You may get a chance to if you’re among the participants at this year’s HITBSecConf — an annual international network-security conference.

The special session will see the Malaysian Amateur Radio Emergency Service Society (Mares) — a non-profit, non-government organisation — attempt to establish a live communications feed with the station during the conference.

Normally, Mares members provide communications service in times of disasters or when normal communications channels are either down or congested.

The session is one of the highlights of HITBSecConf 2009, which is scheduled for Oct 5-8 at The Crowne Plaza Mutiara hotel here.

Also while the conference focuses on network security, its lock-picking workshop is popular among the participants.

This year’s workshop will be run by members from Toool — The Open Organisation of Lockpickers — and will provide attendees with the opportunity to try their hand at picking locks.

They’ll also get a chance to crack safes while some of the locks that’ll be worked on will be provided by the public.

Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, founder and CEO of Hack In The Box (M) Sdn Bhd which organises the HITBSecConf series, said the objective of the event is to teach people how to better protect their property — both in the real world and in cyberspace.

In the case of lockpicking, he said, “Many people are unaware of how easy it is to compromise locks and other physical security mechanisms.”

He said the lock-picking workshop would educate participants in a fun and interesting manner. “Attendees are encouraged to bring their own locks from home,” he added.

For more information on HITBSecConf 2009, go to http://tinyurl.com/mosxve.

The conference has been held in Malaysia since 2003. It is endorsed by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission, the Malaysian International Chamber of Commerce and industry, the Malaysian National Computer Confederation, and the Malaysian Multimedia Development Corporation.

Source: http://star-techcentral.com/