19 July 2008

Not to be rude, but I don’t response to “Contact Contact…”

I write this because I want to clarify the reason why I do not prefer to answer to station which uses “Contact contact” to join in radio conversation (QSO) or to call for attention.

The correct standard operating procedure (SOP) dictate that every transmission should be accompanied by a valid callsign, so it could be distinguished from an unauthorized station (pirates). Furthermore, it will make things difficult for the would-be responding station to know the intention of the calling station if the latter uses “Contact Contact” lingo.

If the radio station is calling for attention it should start with “9w2qrt calling for any station, and standing by” or on a simplex channel, “cq cq cq, this is 9w2qrt calling for any station and standing by”.

Or if the station want to join an on-going conversation (QSO), he/she should say “9w2qrt, join” or any variation of it which involves using a valid callsign.

Using a valid callsign instead of “Contact, Contact” has its own advantage since it is widely recognized internationally. Besides that, it could shorten the QSO joining process since one has already stated his/her callsign and intention on the frequency.

If you are a certified amateur radio operator, then you have nothing to hide, just transmit your callsign and be proud. “Contact, Contact” is a lingo used by indonesian pirates who are known to cause interference and other disturbance across the band, there’s nothing special about this except that it lengthen the voice procedure.

Just remember, transmitting without identifying your station is illegal. Even if does not care about the legality, do show care about your reputation and professionalism when on air. It reflect how well people perceives you as an able operator.

Stick to SOP de 9w2aam

Source: 9W2WTF website