12 April 2009


Rajah segitiga di atas bertujuan untuk memudahkan kita mengingat formula bagi mengira tiga perkara iaitu sama ada V=voltan, I= arus, atau R=rintangan.

Jika ingin mengira V (voltan), maka tutup V, anda akan nampak I dan R. Ini bermakna, untuk mendapatkan V, anda harus darabkan I dengan R.

Sebaliknya, jika ingin mengira I (arus), tutuplah I, anda akan nampak V di atas R. Ini bermakna anda perlu bahagikan V dengan R.

11 April 2009


Diambil berhampiran dengan Masjid Kristal selepas solat Maghrib di Masjid Kristal,Pulau Wan Man

Diambil di laluan pejalan kaki. Suatu pemandangan yang menakjubkan

Diambil dari sudut pejalan kaki

Satu sudut di bahagian bangunan baru di Pasar Kedai Payang.

Inilah hasil semasa menghadiri Kursus Fotografi Digital selama 4 hari. Banyak lagi inilah antara yang memuaskan. Terima kasih BTP dan En. Noorsham. Ilmu bagaikan lautan terbentang luas, hanya kita menentukan samada mahu mengharungi ataupun tidak.

10 April 2009

Ham radio a hit among Scouts and Guides

Seeking new friends: Penang Scouts Commissioner Zulkafli Kamaruddin trying to communicate with foreign Scouts via amateur radio after the opening of Jota-Joti at Wisma Pengakap.

COMMUNICATION over amateur radio (ham radio) frequencies is still a hit among Scouts and Guides at Wisma Pengakap at Penang’s 51th Jamboree-On-The-Air (JOTA) despite the Internet.

Organising committee secretary Tan Thean Wooi said many participants found it exciting using the traditional way to communicate as they could hear the voice of their counterparts.

“It is fun talking to them over the radio instead of using the Internet where we only see written words.

“It is also an opportunity for us to build friendships with our counterparts from all over the world,” he said.

Tan was among some 350 Scouts, Girl Guides and cub Scouts from various schools on the island who gathered at the site for the JOTA and Jamboree-On-The-Internet (JOTI).

They were so determined to have fun that even the scorching heat failed to dampen their spirits.

All they had in mind during the one-day event was to complete the various activities and take home the Challenge Badge.

State Scouts Commissioner Zulkafli Kamaruddin, who launched the event, said participants should take advantage of the event to exchange ideas and experiences with their counterparts from all over the world.

“Participation in JOTI, especially will enhance their knowledge in information technology which is growing at a fast pace,” he said in his speech.

Global contact: Scouts trying to communicate with their foreign counterparts via the Internet after the opening of the Jota-Joti.

JOTI is an international scout meeting on the Internet and is an official event of the World Organisation of the Scout Movement.

It is held in October when thousands of Scouts from all over the world would meet and communicate with each other over the Internet.

JOTI is combined with the JOTA, an event where Scouts can communicate with each other over amateur radio (ham radio) frequencies.

Source: http://thestar.com.my/

07 April 2009

Improve English the ham radio way

PASIR MAS: It was a new experience for the students of SMK Tendong, Pasir Mas, who were introduced to the world of ham radio or amateur radio and its potential of helping them to improve their spoken English.

They were given the opportunity to listen to a live conversation between astronauts from the International Space Satellite and the base centre.

And they had their English teacher Yong Guan Chiong, who is a ham radio member, to thank for finding a novel way to help his students learn the English language.

The students also had the opportunity to communicate with a ham radio user in Kota Kinabalu.

“I am trying a different approach to get my students to be interested in ham radio, which is actually a good hobby.

Cool tech: Students of SMK Tendong in Pasir Mas trying out the ham radio equipment a guided by Yong (left).

“To communicate with those around the world you must master English.

“The mechanics of the ham radio is also related to Science and Mathematics,” said Yong.

Student Suriani Yusuf, 15, said she was amazed to hear the astronauts talking to each other.

“I never thought such a small radio could catch the live conversation between the astronauts in space and the base centre on Earth.

“I will certainly join the amateur radio community to learn more about this hobby,” she said while listening intently to the ham radio belonging to Yong.

Kamarul Zaman Abdullah, 17, who is a member of the Red Crescent, said he knew a lot about ham radio.

He added that he was also aware that ham radio was the only communication available during the Aceh tsunami tragedy.

Many thanks to Kuda Kayu de 9w2aam